Chanel Return Policy – 14 Days To A Full Refund?

Chanel is one of the most high-end brands in the entire world and is synonymous with high fashion and class throughout the globe. People spend a lot of money on Chanel items, no matter if they buy them online, in-store or at an authorized Chanel reseller.

Chanel’s return policy is rather forgiving and understanding although it most certainly does have a time limit in place. Many people do not expect to be denied a return or refund after 14 days but under very few conditions will the company break from its 14 day policy.


What is Chanel’s return policy?

Chanel’s return policy says that you are able to return all or part of your order within 14 calendar days from the date of shipment or purchase.

It is important to note that sealed products that have been opened are not eligible for a return or reimbursement.

Return Period14 Days
ExceptionsSeasonal merchandise and perfume
Return MethodIn store or Online
Exchange Period14 Days
Exchange MethodIn store or Online
Refund Period7-10 business days
Refund MethodOriginal payment method

How To Return a Chanel item?

Returning a Chanel item is simple.

All you must do is complete the return form enclosed with your package (it is also available on the company’s website if you have an account created) and send the unused products in their original packaging, along with the filled-out return form.

You will find a prepaid mailing label in your package that should be attached to the outside of your return package.

If the product is returned in good working order, you will receive a refund for the returned products as well as the delivery costs that you had to spend.

Can you return an online purchase to the store?

Chanel does allow you to return an online purchase to the store if you are hoping to get a refund or exchange. Simply bring the product or products to the store of your choosing with the proper packaging to being the return process.

How strict is the Chanel return policy?

Chanel is a high-class, expensive brand and, as such, its return policy is relatively strict too. Additionally, since Chanel doesn’t have as many stores as some competitors, returning a product to the company can be difficult and tedious. This is especially true if you are shopping at a Chanel “pop-up” store which is an authorized retailer that is not run by Chanel itself.

In that case, returning or exchanging products may prove to be even more difficult.

Chanel Exchange Policy

You are able to exchange a Chanel product for another that you value more as long as you still follow the return policy of initiating the return or exchange within 14 days of purchase.

Chanel Refund Policy

Chanel will refund the card that you used to make your purchase in almost every instance. Some items will require that Chanel give you store credit instead of cashback on your card. This usually happens for certain more expensive products like high-end jewelry.

Does Chanel take returns without a receipt?

Chanel states that it does not offer returns without a receipt. Additionally, if a seal product has been opened in an attempted return, you will be denied because Chanel will not accept an opened product that was originally sealed.

Does Chanel accept returns after 30 days?

The Chanel return policy states that you must initiate your return within 14 days or purchase so, no, they will not accept a return after 30 days.

Keep in mind that the return process may take longer than 14 days or even 30 days because it will take some time for Chanel to process the exchange if it is something you ship back in. However, you must start the process by the 14th day after purchase.

What items cannot be returned to Chanel?

For hygiene and safety purposes, Chanel does not allow sealed products that have been opened to be eligible for refunds or exchanges.

Perfumes are also ineligible for returns or refunds because they will be partly depleted if they are used at all after purchase.


Chanel has few exceptions for its return policies, aside from not allowing sealed products that are opened to be returned. Jewelry can be returned before 14 days but Chanel may require an authentication test before that may happen.

Perfumes may not be returned since they cannot be sold again after use.


Does Chanel give full refunds?

Yes, Chanel definitely does give full refunds for items. Additionally, if you purchase a product online and are attempting to return it, you will receive the amount of the product as well as the shipping costs when the refund has been completed by Chanel.

Can I Return Chanel Product After Use?

You may not return a Chanel product after use even if it still has its original packaging, tags, etc. It is also important to remember that if you buy a product that is seal and you unseal it, the return or refund will also not be allowed.

How Long Do Chanel Refunds Take?

Please allow up to 10 days from the time Chanel receives your return for it to be processed. Keep in mind that final sale items are not eligible for exchange, or store credit.


It’s not often that you will want to return a Chanel item since they make very reliable, strong, sturdy, and gorgeous products. However, if you happen to have a Chanel product that you want to return or exchange, it is possible.

It is just very important you remember Chanel’s strict 14 day policy because if you are outside of that 14-day window, it’s unlikely that the company will ever take the product back.

However, if you are within the 14-day window, a refund with Chanel is relatively easy, straightforward and often without hassle.

It is also very important that some authorized resellers that carry Chanel will have different policies for their returns. Therefore, if you purchase Chanel at Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s, you may have to jump through other hoops to get your money back.

However, returning or exchanging a product directly through Chanel is not that hard and not that painful at all.

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