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Cat & Jack is Target’s children’s clothing brand and is highly regarded by many parents because of the clothing’s durability, attractive designs, and high-quality items. Kids, after all, live active lifestyles and are known to be rough on clothes.

 In order to encourage kids to get the most out of their clothes, Target has recently updated their warranty and return policy. 

If, for whatever reason, you find yourself needing to return a Cat & Jack item, knowing the ins and outs of the return policy is essential. Most Cat & Jack items can be returned up to one year after original purchase for a refund (only with receipt) or, if you don’t have the original receipt, store credit or an exchange. 

The rest of this article will tell you everything you need to know about Target’s return policy regarding Cat & Jack products. 

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What is Cat & Jack return policy?

According to Target’s website, Cat & Jack items can be returned up to one year with original receipt for whatever reason, including damage incurred during the year and even if your child outgrew it. This policy applies to all Cat & Jack items. 

If you can prove your purchase, you can either exchange the item or receive a full refund by the same method with which you paid. Regardless of how you paid, make sure to bring a government-issued photo ID with your return. 

Examples of proof of purchase: 

  • For Target Circle members: electronically saved receipts (make sure serial number on receipt matches the number on the product)
  • Target RedCard: transactions made on the Target RedCard can easily be looked up by the customer service associate
  • Most major credit cards – Target associates can usually track down the original purchase if paid by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover 
  • Check: if you paid by check, the customer service associate can look up the transaction if you bring in a blank check attached to the same account
  • Gift card: If you paid with a gift card, Target associates can track down the transaction if you still have the original gift card or eCard

If you can’t prove your purchase, either through the receipt or through any of the methods mentioned above, Target will either issue you store credit or allow you to exchange the product for a new product of the same type. 

How To Return a Cat & Jack Product

To return a Cat & Jack product, you’ll need to bring the item you wish to exchange, the receipt or other proof of purchase, the original payment method (if you want a full refund), and a government-issued ID to the customer service counter. 

If the same Cat & Jack product is available in-store, you can exchange the item for free. If it isn’t available, the store associate can issue you a gift card for the product’s value that you can either use in store or online. 

You can also receive a full refund for the product, but keep in mind that you’ll need the original payment method with you to process it.

How strict is the Cat & Jack return policy at Target?

The one-year guarantee policy is much more generous than many stores, but to use it, you have to bring in the required proofs and products you wish to return or exchange. 

Cat & Jack Exchange Policy

You can exchange a product with or without the original receipt or proof of purchase. However, if the item you wish to exchange isn’t in the store, Target associates will issue you store credit on a gift card with the amount of the item. 

Keep in mind that you will receive the current value of the item if you don’t have proof of purchase. Since prices fluctuate throughout the year, the amount you paid may not be the amount of store credit you receive. With no receipt, Target will issue you the amount of the product’s lowest sale price. 

If you do have the original receipt or original proof of purchase, you can receive a full refund for the amount you originally paid for it – regardless of what the current price of the product is at the time you return it. 

Cat & Jack Refund Policy

To receive a full refund, you have to have the original receipt, or the customer service associate has to be able to track down the original purchase. Otherwise, you’ll be issued store credit for the amount equaling the product’s lowest sale price.  

How Does Cat & Jack Warranty Work?

Target guarantees a one-year warranty for all Cat & Jack products with the original receipt. The warranty covers: 

  • Tears
  • Holes
  • Shrinkage after washing
  • Peeling/fraying graphics
  • Outgrown sizes
  • Other reasons for dissatisfaction

Because of their generous return policy, Cat & Jack saves moms and dads lots of money on clothes for their kids. Not only do children wear out clothes and shoes much more often than adults, but they are always growing – especially infants and toddlers, who grow more rapidly than older children. 

How Do You Return Cat & Jack Products?

To return Cat & Jack products, you’ll need to go to Target’s customer service desk and bring the following: 

  • Product(s) you wish to return
  • Original receipt or proof of purchase
  • Government-issued ID
  • Original method of payment (if you want a refund rather than an exchange)

How long do refunds take?

Depending on the payment method, the time it takes to process your refund can vary. 

Target RedCardUp to 2 days after return approval
Third-party credit or debit cardUp to 5 days after return approval
CheckImmediate gift card if check hasn’t yet cleared; cash refund at time of return if purchase was more than 10 days old
CashImmediately upon return

What is Cat & Jack return policy without a receipt?

You can exchange or receive store credit for returns without a receipt but can’t get a refund. Keep in mind that Target has a $200 limit of items customers can return without a receipt. 

Can I return sale items?

According to, if either item purchased during a BOGO (buy one get one) sale or a buy one, get one 50% is returned, then the refund value will be equal to the to the original purchase price minus its prorated discount. 

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