How to Cancel Your Six Flags Membership

Theme parks can be great places to visit, but if you’re moving or you just don’t visit that often, that membership you bought a while ago can start to seem pointless. Whatever the reason, if you want to cancel your six flags membership, we’ve got you covered.

You’ll need to wait a full 12 months after initializing your Six Flags membership to be able to deactivate it. Once a year has passed, you can cancel your membership from the Six Flags website.

You will also have to pay a cancellation fee of $10 per membership.

Six Flags can be a nuisance sometimes, and if you’re unimpressed with their service, cancelling can seem like a great idea.

Unfortunately, Six Flags hides a lot of junk in that Member Agreement you signed, and so the rest of this article will walk you through exactly how to cancel your membership.

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How to Cancel Six Flags membership Pass

Step 1: Login to your account
Step 2: Select the Members Support
Step 3: Fill in your Surname and account id
Step 4: Add a reason for cancellation
Step 5: Confirm cancellation

Different Ways to Cancel Your Six Flags Membership

First of all, if you’re only a few months into your membership, then you’re going to have to put your thirst for a Six-Flag-free life aside for a while since the company only allows you to cancel a membership after you’ve been a member for 12 months.

That’s right, you have to wait an entire year before you’re even allowed to start the process of cancelling. Your cancellation must be at least 2 months before the anniversary of your contract renewal date.

When these conditions are met, the first thing you’ll need to do is visit the membership portal on Six Flag’s website. Navigate to the Cancel Membership tab and tap the green button to begin the cancellation process.

Once you’ve gotten started, you’ll need your Six Flags Member ID on hand. If you’ve forgotten or lost it, there is another tab called Find Your Account #, which you can use to enter your email address and recover a lost member ID.

Once you’ve entered your Member ID and last name, all you’ll need to do is input a reason for cancelling and hit confirm. Just like that, your membership is cancelled.

Once you’ve cancel, you’ll need to give Six Flags two weeks to ‘process’ the cancellation, so make sure you submit a cancellation at the beginning of the month to dodge getting slapped with an additional rollover monthly payment.

If you want, you can contact your regional Six Flags by finding their address and phone number and tell a representative that you want to cancel your account.

Of course, they may simply direct you to the cancellation form on the membership portal, but getting to discuss the details with a representative can be helpful.


What Happens When You Cancel Six Flags Membership?

Once you cancel your membership, you are free and clear. Membership ends immediately. You will, however, be required to pay a $10 deactivation fee per the amount of membership accounts you have.

Can You Pause Your Membership Instead Of Cancelling It?

You can pause your membership if Six Flags is in the off season, but you won’t get any progress towards an upgrade bonus or extra time added to the end of your membership. There won’t be any charges added to your account while it’s paused.

How Do I Downgrade My Six Flags Membership?

You can manage your Six Flags membership from the member portal on their website. To do so, you’ll need to visit the members page and manage your account. From there, you can adjust what type of membership you have.

Is Six Flags Membership Hard to Cancel?

Six Flags is notoriously greedy with their members. You aren’t allowed to cancel your membership without penalty until you’ve spent an entire year as a member.

For example if you cancelled five months into a membership, then you would still have to pay the price for the remaining seven months of membership even though you no longer want to be a member.

In addition, you need to give Six Flags two weeks of notice before submitting an official cancellation form.

 Lastly, if you try to cancel less than two months before your membership would automatically renew, then you won’t be able to cancel and will have to pay for that additional two months of membership.

Can I Cancel My Six Flag Membership Online?

Cancelling online is the only reliable way to cancel your Six Flags membership. You’ll need to navigate to the membership portal and find the Cancel Account tab. From there, you can cancel your Six Flag membership, assuming all appropriate conditions are met.

If you call or try to contact a Six Flags representative on social media, they will likely just send you a link to the cancellation form anyway.

Can You Cancel Six Flags Membership at Any Time?

You cannot cancel a Six Flags membership at any time. You need to wait 12 months, a whole year, before you are able to cancel. In addition, you can’t cancel immediately since you need to give Six Flags two weeks of notice that you’re planning to cancel your membership.

In other words, you’ll probably end up paying an extra month more than you want to because Six Flags will continue to charge you up to two weeks after you’ve submitted the from.

That means that if you submit it within two weeks of your next monthly billing cycle, you’ll be charged for the subsequent month even after submitting the form.

Final Thoughts

Getting out of a Six Flag membership can be a hassle since your member agreement states that you must be a member for a whole year before cancelling.

You also need to cancel 60 days before the start of your next annual billing cycle, and you’ll have to wait two weeks for the monthly payments to stop.

To cancel, you can visit the member portal and go through the prompts to cancel your account. Make sure that you have your Member ID, last name, and credit card info on hand, and you’re all set to cancel your Six Flags membership.

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