Can you work at Walmart at 14?


Walmart is a multinational retail corporation that operates hypermarket, discount department stores, and grocery stores. As it is a big corporation it is a place of opportunities if you have a talent.

Walmart has various career opportunities according to your ability and willingness. When it comes to the age to work in Walmart you should be at least 16 years old.

You cannot work at Walmart at the age of 14 because of liabilities.

What it is like to work in Walmart?

Walmart gives its employees reason to celebrate

Walmart has a great management system where the convenience of employees is given priority. They will give you all the information you needed to do your work and will explain to you the work culture.

They will teach you to keep customers on the priority. To work in Walmart you should be prepared to work hard and to tackle every problem while dealing with customers.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice your sleep and work extra hours in the festive season. You will be in work pressure as they have continuous customers visiting and buying.

It also depends on the position you are hired for if you are on the managerial post then there will employees under you working on your instructions and if you are an employee you have to do work according to your head.

You will find new challenges every day to work for and you will have the chance to interact with different kinds of people. If you want to experience the daily pressure and challenges Walmart is the place to do such jobs.

Walmart company culture

Company Culture| work at Walmart

Walmart’s culture begins with a strong commitment to its associates. At Walmart, it is expected from every associate to practice four core values that are:

Service to the customer: You should have your customer on priority, listen to them, and anticipate and serve them. Focus the frontline by supporting and empowering the associates to serve customers every day.

Being innovative and the ability to take the risk and move with the speed is key to growth.

Respect for the individual: Be visible and available for those who are in need. Be humble to everyone, teach and trust others to do their jobs also give honest and direct feedback.\ Embrace the differences in people, ideas and experiences

Strive for excellence: Collaborate with others and give feedback whenever it is should take ownership when needed and celebrate the success of everyone.

You should have clear choices about certain decisions and plan for the future

Act with Integrity: Be trustworthy and always keep the promises and tell the truth.

Be transparent in your work, ask for help whenever it is needed. It’s ok to say no if you do not find something is appropriate.

These four values are the base that helps to grow and enhance the culture. The associates are encouraged to adapt to local circumstances to try out their ideas.

The culture promotes experimentation and trial. New employees learn about this culture through training and a set of self-administered training videos.

Walmart hiring procedure at the lowest age

work at Walmart

Walmart is the first company that joins young people in their company. The minimum age for joining the Walmart is 16 years old. For leadership and position which involve machinery work that time 18 years is preferred.

For doing the job in Walmart there is no need for the experience we can see little to no experience to earn employment. The relations may have their restrictions on hiring or about education depending on the city.

For working as a manager you should have experience of working in big departmental stores and at least you should be passed from high school or must be graduated. Some jobs may differ with the location of the store and the exact qualification.

The candidates who are under 18 can go for cashier, greeter, store associate, customer service representative, stock associate, beauty sales associate and photo sales associate jobs.

Walmart hires under-16 workers for seasonal jobs like wrapping paper or some other small tasks. The workers at the lowest age do not require any resume or cc to join but you have to share your job history on the application of itself.

If you have to add your resume you can add it with the application form. If you are filling the application of form for the first time it takes approximately 45 to 60 min.

If you have already filled the application form and you are applying for another time then you have to fill less information as some of your information is already saved.

What are the options to grow in Walmart at the minimum age

Growth at Walmart

If you are working at Walmart at minimum age you have the opportunity to grow by taking good experience in the field of marketing and management.

You will learn at an early age the process of how things work in such big stores. This will develop your career and improve your working ability. At the minimum age of 16, you can work in the store and at the age of 18, you can work in Sam’s club.

Further, you can get the opportunity to work in the management services and support services. If you started taking this job seriously you can become the manager or head of any section.

If you are in this place for short then also it is good because you will get enough experience to take back. You can get further knowledge about the opportunities on website

Walmart compensation

Walmart is the cheapest mart as all know with low prices and low wages. These prices are criticized for deficiency in supporting employees’ needs. In today’s situation, the company’s minimum wages are $ 7.25 which is below the national average of $9.93.

However, Walmart is rebuilding its human source management. The company is planning to increase its wages up to $10.00 per hour. The new wages will set Walmart depending on the retailers.

Also, Walmart had tried to increase the wages of managers in every branch up to $10.90 in 2015.

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