Can I load my cash app card at Walmart? – Cash app & Chime Card [2023]

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We have been asked multiple times this question by our readers – Can I load my cash app card at Walmart? Yes, you can add money to your chime card and cash app card at Walmart.

Adding money is easy when it comes to Walmart stores. You just need to go to Walmart store near you and ask the cashier that you have to add money to your chime app or cash app card.

By following certain procedures cashier will add the money. They may charge additional money for this but after that, you can use this app for shopping in Walmart.

Apply your Chime Card here.

What is Chime card and how to apply

Chime is American technology that provides financial services through mobile applications without charging any maintenance fee like a bank. When you become a member of chime you can get the debit card and you do not have to pay monthly account fees.

Download the Chime app from google play store or Apple store and you are ready to use all its feature. To get qualified to use Chime card you must be the citizen of the U.S. and 18 years of age. After this, you can sign up for spending account as well as saving account.

To apply for the chime you have to sign in to chime app which takes very little time. While applying you have to provide some of your personal information. This is for security purposes and they will not share this information with anyone.

The information required is name, email and a password to create a Chime account. They may ask you for the social security number. Once Chime verifies all the information you become their member and take advantage of all the banking features.

Cash app card and how to apply

apply cash app card

Cash app is a payment app that allows you to pay money to your friends or you can make money from your friends. You can use this app while buying a ticket, splitting money for a meal with friends.

The card is free and it is easy to apply for it. The bit you have to be at least 18 years to apply for it. Once you are verified with the conditions of the app you are ready to use it wherever visa cards are accepted.

To apply for the cash card

apply chime and cash app card
  1. Open cash app in your phone.
  2. Click the cash app card tab on the bottom of the screen which is the second icon from the left.
  3. Tap the button where it is written ‘get free cash card’.
  4.  Pick the color for your card, customize your card by clicking tap to customize.
  5. Enter your mailing address then click next.
  6. Confirm your name, read the detail about the card. Then you get a card number and you are ready to use the card in 10 days.

For for information you can visit this link on Cash App website.
Click here to order your new Cash App card.

How to add money

  1. Open cash app and tap on “my cash tab”  on the home screen
  2. On my cash page click on  add cash and enter the amount of cash you want to add  to cash app card balance
  3. Then you are ready to use the cash app card.     


I believe your question – Can I load my cash app card at Walmart and how? has been answered. If you still want to ask us anything, comment down below.

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