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Grass-fed, free-range beef, chicken, and pork are delicious meals for any day of the week, but if you’ve recently ordered from ButcherBox and it’s just not for you, then it’s good to know how their return policy can help you. Here’s everything you need to know about ButcherBox’s return policy

Since ButcherBox ships organic, perishable goods, they do not accept returns. They will, however, issue a partial or full refund in the form in some cases, such as if any items in the box are damaged, the items are defrosted upon arrival, or any items are missing.

As you can see, the ButcherBox refund policy is quite difficult to navigate at times, but the bottom line is that if there’s anything wrong with your order, then you can contact ButcherBox about a refund, and they will be happy to help come to a resolution. The rest of this article will discuss ButcherBox’s refund policy and how it benefits you as a consumer.

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What Is ButcherBox Return Policy?

ButcherBox does not have a return policy. You do not need to return your item to ButcherBox to get a refund. ButcherBox does guarantee delivery to the home address on the guaranteed delivery date. To avoid defrosting, don’t use a business address for your ButcherBox order.

If the business is closed, then the courier will need to wait until the next day, which will result in your meal being defrosted.

Return PeriodNo return policy
Return MethodNot applicable
Exchange PeriodNo exchange policy
Exchange MethodNot applicable
Refund PeriodWithin 7 business days
Refund MethodOriginal Method of Payment

How to Return a ButcherBox Product

You don’t need to return a ButcherBox item in order to get a refund, but you will be required to let ButcherBox know what’s wrong with your order. For example, on their Report an Issue page, they have several options:

  • My box was defrosted on arrival
  • My box was missing items
  • My vacuum sealed plastic that protects my meat arrived damaged
  • My issue is not listed here

If your issue falls under these categories, then you will most likely be able to get a refund for the item.

How Strict Is the ButcherBox Return Policy?

The ButcherBox return policy is nonexistent since they don’t accept returns; however, they will give you a refund if the package arrives damaged under certain circumstances.

ButcherBox will not issue refunds for deliveries where the incorrect address was given or the delivery was refused. Similarly, your inability to retrieve the order on the guaranteed date is not a viable reason for you to initiate a refund.

ButcherBox Refund Policy

ButcherBox will issue a full or partial refund under some circumstances. To put it simply, they will give you a refund for any damaged packaging materials including the vacuum sealed plastic or if the meat has defrosted. Of course, the reason for the meat defrosting is important, too. In general, ButcherBox will issue a refund under the following circumstances:

  • The items are damaged
  • The items are delivered late or mishandled by the carrier
  • Items are missing

Resolutions to these issues might include replacement of the product, credit towards your next box, or a full/partial refund. To prove the damages, you may be requested to provide photos of the product label and the damage that has occurred.

How to Cancel ButcherBox

To cancel ButcherBox, you’ll need to log into your ButcherBox account, navigate to the Account page, select Box Settings on the left-hand side, then click Stop Subscription. You’ll be prompted to fill out a questionnaire, and then you can cancel your ButcherBox account.

What Items Cannot Be Returned to ButcherBox?

You cannot return any items to ButcherBox. To initiate a refund, you will need to visit their website and let them know what the issue is with your order. Depending on the reason for defrosting or damage to the package, your order may be refunded.

Does ButcherBox Have Free Returns?

Thankfully, since ButcherBox ships organic products, there’s no point sending them back. As such, there’s no need to fill out a return label or anything of that nature. Problems with your order should be addressed through the official ButcherBox website.

Who Pays the Return Shipping Charge?

There is no shipping charge, but depending on the reason for initiating a refund, ButcherBox may only issue a partial refund. At any point if you’re dissatisfied with your order, you need to contact support@butcherbox.com within 7 days of receiving your order to initiate a refund. They’ll readily review your order and offer a solution.

How Long Do ButcherBox Refunds Take?

ButcherBox refunds generally occur within a few business days of initiating a refund. Once you’ve submitted the photo of the damages and explained your reason for requesting a refund, ButcherBox will issue your return soon enough.

Can I Return Items on Sale?

ButcherBox makes no promises regarding the refunding of sale items on their returns policy page, but presumably, if you purchase an item on sale and it arrives damage in accordance with their refund policy, they will issue you a partial or full refund.

Can I Return ButcherBox Products after Use?

You cannot return ButcherBox products after consuming them if you don’t find the taste to be sufficient. Initiating a refund can only be done if the package is damaged, delayed for reasons beyond your control, or if items are missing.

Final Thoughts

ButcherBox offers a lot of leniencies for their customers and are committed to delivering a quality product. With the organic nature of their products, you’re rather limited in when you can request a refund from ButcherBox.

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