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Burlington is one of the most prominent retailers of outerwear and knowing a thing or two about their return policy will help you if you ever require to seek out a refund or exchange in their store.

Burlington was previously known as Burlington Coat Factory and it is one of the most well-known retailers around.


Burlington Return Policy

Burlington’s return policy states that they are happy to take returns within 30 days of the purchase date, providing items are in the same condition as you bought them. They require products to be in their original packaging and never have been used or worn.

Good news if you missed out on the 30 day policy, the company also offers store credit up until 60 days in store.

We will take you through the entire return procedure, so you know exactly what to expect.

If the company grants you an exception (usually if there is an error on their part) you must ship the item back from the country that the return label indicates. This is the one tied to your original shipping address. Failing to do so may result in additional shipping costs.

Return Period30 Days
Return Method By Mail or in-store
Exchange PeriodNo Exchange policy available
Exchange MethodNo Exchange policy available
Refund PeriodWithin 14 Days
Refund MethodMethod of Payment

How to Return Your Items

Burlington operates a generous return policy and it covers all the aspects of a return policy. You can return Burlington’s coat and other outerwear in 30 days of time.

Please take care while wearing coats or other items, any damage to clothes will mean you are no longer eligible to receive a refund or return that item.

Burlington Store Return Policy

Burlington allows you to return its products by visiting your nearby store; you just need to take care of the following points before returning.

  1. Do not forget to bring a receipt with you and even if you forget to bring along the receipt, you will get merchandise credit.
  2. Your return will be verified by a third-party service provider and after assessing your record, they will refund you.
  3. Burlington reserves the right to collect your information and it can also refuse you a refund on some grounds after a third-party inspection.

Here are some valuable inputs to help you return the products without issue:

  1. Firstly, go to the company’s website and find the Burlington store locator.
  2. After locating the store that is near to your home, pay a visit to the Burlington store.
  3. Visit the reception desk with your product, original receipt, along original packaging.
  4. Burlington store associate will process your return.
  5. After acceptance of your return, you will get a refund and return confirmation mail.
  6. Your refund will be processed in 3-5 days.

Return by packing slip

If you are too lazy to visit the Burlington store, you can return your package another way round too. Here are some of the easy steps to help you.

  1. Find the packing slip that you must have got along with your package.
  2. Put a circle for the item that you wish to return.
  3. Fill in all the details that are needed by the company, especially your order number.
  4. You can send the package to any courier service provider.
  5. Burlington will refund your amount after deducting all the shipping and handling charges from your amount.

Burlington Refunds

Burlington use a 3rd party provider to insect all the packages that are returned. Once their third-party service providers has completed a thorough inspection, Burlington will make a decision on the refund. The refund is usually processed in 14 working days from the date on the order receipt.

Paid byWhen they will refund?Refund and Credit Policy
Credit card/debit card    In 14 daysYou will get a refund directly to your debit/credit card after deduction of shipping and handling charges However, debit cards with pin will receive a refund in form of cash
PayPalIn 14 daysRefund to Paypal account
Gift cardIn  14 daysGift card

Return Policy for Different Burlington Products

Burlington like many of the apparel retailers has a very simple return policy, which requires you to send back the products to the company in 30 days and if you are unable to send the products back to the company until 60 days’ time, you are entitled to receive merchandise credit.

Products and purchasesProduct ConditionReturn Policy
All type of productsBurlington outerwear should be in original formReturn in 30 days
Layaway deposits, payments and returned Layaway merchandiseNAYou are entitled to merchandise credit if you return after 30 days

Burlington Exchange Policy

Burlington Coat will provide you with a seamless return experience but Burlington does not have any return policy specifically for exchanges.

If you are really looking to exchange your products, you will have to go to the Burlington store, return the product and then place an order for a new product.

When you are exchanging products, do remember to check for the product specifications as you will not be able to exchange products again and again.

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What is the Burlington Coat customer service number?

You can dial 855 355-BURL to get in touch with customer care officials.

In how many days I can expect the issuance of a refund?

You will receive a refund in the original mode of payment in 14 working days.

Can I return my items without a proof of purchase?

Yes, Burlington allows you to return the products without any receipt but you need to carry your ID proof and you will receive the refund in form of a merchandise credit only.

Burlington Holiday Return Policy

Different return policies apply to holiday purchases. For instance, from October 14th to December 6th, all purchases can be returned before January 5th of the following year. Track Burlington’s website for updates on the holiday return policy whenever a holiday is approaching.

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Do you know that Burlington was earlier known as Burlington coat factory and the company changed its logo in 2009?

If you have purchased Burlington outerwear recently or you are planning to buy from the company, we hope this article will provide a lot of value to you.

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