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Brooks Brothers was founded in 1818 which makes it the oldest clothing company in the country. The Headquarters of the company is on Madison Avenue, Manhattan, New York. They are in the business of primarily Men’s clothing. We highly recommend going through Brooks Brothers Return Policy before making any purchase at their store.

They have some of the best verities in men’s and women’s clothing; if however, you are not satisfied with your purchase. Returning their products is easy.

Today we are discussing Brooks Brothers Return Policy in great detail and in easy to understand terms.

Policy Guide

The Brooks Brothers return window is 60 days.

You could easily return any Brooks Brothers product to them as long as it is in sale-able condition accompanied by the original receipt.

They can also accept any return without any receipt as long as it’s in sale-able condition, you will then get the store credit only for the lowest price of the returned item that’s on their website.

If the cash return is greater than $100 then the company shall mail a cheque to you.

How to Return Brooks Brothers items

How to return BB merchandise

There are three different ways to return a Brooks Brothers merchandise, you have to get a different return label for the items bought online, a different one for the item bought at a store and there is a no return label procedure too if you want to send it on your own.

Return Brooks Brothers in a Store

Step-1: Click here to get a return label

Step-2: Affix the label on the return package which should cover the original label

Step-3: Drop your return package to any USPS or FedEx location


Step-1: Find a store using this link

Step-2: Make a return there

Return Brooks Brothers through a mail

Step-1: Click here to get a return label.

Step-2: Affix that label on the return package covering the original label.

Step-3: Drop your return package to any USPS or a FedEx location.

Self Return process

Step-1: Get the label from the front of your sales receipt and affix it to the return box.

Step-2: Mail your return package to the address below:

Brooks Brothers Return Center,
107 Phoenix Ave,
CT 06082.

Important Bits to Remember

Step-1: The exchanges are not allowed at Brooks Brothers. You’ll have to return your original item and place a new order if you are unhappy with the size, colour etc.

Step-2: Only Brooks Brothers merchandise that can be replaced is the one with a legit manufacturer defect.

Step-3: Track your return here using your tracking number.

Step-4: You’ll get store credits only for the returns which are eligible in-store.

Brooks Brothers Refund – Method and Timelines

Brooks Brothers refund policy
Type of PaymentNumber of Days you will get your refund inRefund and Credit Policy
Cash on Delivery10 business daysRefund shall be credited to the bank account
Credit/Debit Card10 business daysRefund shall be credited to the card’s account
Store ReturnsinstantStore credit

Brooks Brothers Return Policy for Different Products

ProductProduct ConditionReturn Policy
All ProductsProducts should be in sale-able condition with original receipt attached60 days return policy
Items with 70% discount or moreN/AN/A
Monogrammed or altered merchandisesN/AN/A
Special Orders/Made to Measure ClothingN/AN/A
Sample Sale Items/Head of Charles ItemsN/AN/A

Brooks Brothers Covid-19 Update

Brooks Brothers is following the guidelines of C.D.C. and W.H.O. in response to deal with Covid-19 pandemic.

The stores and online shop are open and Brooks Brothers employees are following every safety precaution in their duty.

Brooks Brothers are now providing superior Covid-19 masks for general public to use, here.

Questions on mind?

Brooks Brothers FAQs

Q1. What is the Brooks Brothers customer support number?
A1. The customer support number for Brooks Brothers is 800.274.1815.

Q2. How do I return Brooks Brothers?
A2. The returning item should be in saleable condition with the original receipt. You should get a return label before posting your return box.

Q3. Does Brooks Brothers have free returns?
A3. No, there is a $7 deduction on returns unless you bought from them using the Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard or Brooks Card.

Q4. Can you return Brooks brothers outlet to regular store?
A4. Yes, you can, find a Brooks Brothers store near you and make the return, however, you will only be eligible for a store credit.

Q5. Can you use Brooks Brothers gift card at the outlet?
A5. Yes.


Ralph Lauren, the 102nd American billionaire and internationally acclaimed fashion designer used to work as a salesman at Brooks Brothers.

Famous celebrities such as Clark Gable, Nina Foch, jimmy Stewart, Barry Fitzgerald, Cary Grant are some of the noted customers of Brooks Brothers. 

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