Bonobos Return Policy [2023] – Follow These Easy Steps

Bonobos has some great clothes on offer at their store but sometimes we change our mind. This requires you to read through or fully understand the Bonobos return policy in full.

The Bonobos policy is uncomplicated and easy to navigate, once you know what to do. We’re here to point you in the right direction. 

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Bonobos Return Policy

The Bonobos return policy lets you send back apparel you haven’t washed, worn or altered for a refund within 45 days and store credit beyond that up to 90 days. This policy does not extend to items on sale.

Return Policy Timeframe45 Days
Return Method Online or in store
ExchangePolicyTimeframe45 Days
Exchange Method Online or in store
Refund Period7-10 days
Refund MethodMethod of Payment

how to return to Bonobos

I’m assuming you’re sure about sending those printed florals or khakis back, no matter how comfy they are. You can return the items via Guideshops or ground shipping.

To return in-store, find a Guideshop near you: 

  1. Go to the website and navigate to Guideshop.
  2. Scroll down till you find the Book an Appointment button.
  3. Click and find a guide shop near you, so you can have a Guide help you make your return. 

To return via ground shipping:

Look for the prepaid return label for FedEx that Bonobos should have sent with the original box. (You’ve kept it haven’t you?) Paste the label on the original box (or poly mailers) and drop off at your local FedEx store. 

If the pre-paid label is in the landfill somewhere, don’t worry. You can print it off the website. Just log in with your account at

Don’t have an account on and threw away the return label? Just call the Ninjas at (877)294-7737. They’ll be sure to signal some help your way. 

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How will you get your Refund? – Bonobos Refund Policy

The Bonobos has a free return policy are some of the easiest to navigate. You’ll get your refund the same way you made the original payment. Depending on your mode of return, the refund process may take some time. But here is the lowdown:

Mode of returnMode of refund
Guideshop via credit cardCredit card, refunded in 1 to 3 business days, except American Express in 5-7 business days
They return via credit card, processed between 5-7 days after receiving the return shipmentCredit card, refunded in 1-3 business days after processing. 
Store credit Immediate 

Return Policy for Different Bonobos Products

Bonobos have a simple return policy for their apparel. Before you prepare the item for return, identify if Bonobos will accept returns:

  1. For once, it’s better if you didn’t do the laundry. Bonobos don’t like to take back items that don’t have the new-apparel smell in them! 
  2. Make sure you didn’t wear the item and do the dishes in them during the last lockdown. The Bonobos policy of return, worn items can’t be returned. Which is a good policy, when you think of potential buyers in the past and their favourite activities. 
  3. Hopefully, you didn’t resize a too-big polo before you decided you wanted to return it. 

If you’re sure the item was not washed, worn or altered, do the following checks:

  1. What’s the date of purchase, did you buy it within the last 90 days? Then you may safely return it and get your money back. 
  2. Check the product category. Make sure it doesn’t belong to the dreaded list of unreturnable. 

Here is a look at the return policies for Bonobos apparel in a nutshell: 

Products and purchases Product conditionReturn policy
US orders from Guideshops and Bonobos.comNot worn washed or alteredWithin 90 days of purchase
US orders from third-party retailers Purchased from retailers like Trunk Club, Nordstrom etc.No returns accepted
Final sale items No returns accepted
Gift items Within 90 days of purchase, through online Gift Return Form
International purchases Only returns for credit card refund or store credits accepted. No refunds for surcharges, shipping or handling.Same as US orders

Bonobos Exchange Policy

The Bonobos policy of exchange is a bit of a bummer. You can only exchange items for a different size or fit. So if you changed your mind about how the Bonobos Hawaiian shirt would look on you, you couldn’t just exchange it for Oxford button-downs of the same price.

You’d have to return the Hawaiian shirt and place a new order. 

But if you want a different size or fit, the process is easy: 

  1. Make sure the apparel hasn’t been washed, worn or altered in any way, as with returns. 
  2. Then go to your account and navigate to Orders. 
  3. Find the order number for the exchange, and select Exchange. 
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the exchange. 
Products and PurchasesConditionExchange Policy
All items Not worn washed or altered, can be exchanged for a different size or fit.Within 90 days of purchase, must reach Bonobos within 14 days of an exchange request. 
Final sale itemsCannot be exchanged. 
Bonobos items purchased from third-party retailersCannot be exchanged.
International purchases Cannot be exchanged.
Gift items Cannot be exchanged.

Bonobos Gift Returns

You don’t have to keep gifts that you don’t want! Follow the steps below and get store credit to spend on something you want instead: 

  1. To return a gift item, log onto your account at If you don’t have an account, create one. 
  2. Fill up the Gift Return form on the website. You’ll need the details of the purchase, such as the shipment number, name of the person who sent you the gift, the order number etc. If you don’t have these, a Bonobos Ninja will help.
  3. After you’ve sent the form, you’ll have a two-day wait while a Ninja looks through the application. You’ll hear back from Bonobos when your return has been processed. 
  4. You won’t get credit back of course. But you will get Bonobos store credit for gift returns, which is great! 

If you’ve been given a gift card to shop at Bonobos, you won’t be able to return it. Since these cards don’t expire, you can wait for something you like to be available on stock before you use it!

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Extended Holiday Policy

The very generous extended holiday return policy on orders is from November 1st 2022 until January 15, 2023, will give you a refund up to 90 days. Just make sure your item was not bought at a third-party store. 

Bonobos Covid-19 Policy

Due to the holidays right in the middle of the COVID crisis, Bonobos has extended its standard cash-return policy from 45 days to 90 days. From now to January 15 of next year, you can return any item you buy or are gifted, and get a full refund for it. How’s that for some holiday cheer? 


Can I return more than one order at the same time? 

Yes, Bonobos lets you feel good about saving postage by allowing you to return items from multiple orders in one box. You can put all the items you want to return to one box. Just make sure all the different return labels from the various orders are attached to the box. 

I purchased a sweater and wore it a few times. But I find it too heavy. Will Bonobos accept a return? 

No, Bonobos doesn’t accept used items. Only a few high-end apparel companies will let you return clothing in like-new conditions. The Bonobos policy and Reddit community can offer stories of personal experiences with returns at Bonobos. 

Can you return an item without tags? 

There’s nothing on the Bonobos policy of return that suggests you cannot return items without their tags. 

How do I get in touch with Ninjas? 

Ninjas are the customer care people at Bonobos. You can reach them via email (there’s a link on the website), phone (877-294-7737) and live chat on the website. 

I received an incorrect or damaged product. What should I do? 

Don’t wait! Contact a Ninja immediately. Keep details like the order number, photos, shipping address handy for when they ask. 


The Bonobos policy of return has changed a lot since the company started. There was a time when “lifetime” returns were possible.

Those days are gone. You have about three months to make up your mind about an item now.

But with very helpful Ninjas and this post to help you, I hope it becomes easier to get rid of at least one point of regret from your life!

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