Boden Return Policy

Buying new clothes is always an enjoyable experience, but sometimes when you get home, you might find that those same items just don’t work for you. If you want to return something at Boden, here’s everything you need to know about their return policy.

Boden will happily accept returns made through Boden within 90 days of receipt for regular items or 14 days for sale items. If you are shipping the item back, then a fee of $7 may be deducted from your refund for shipping costs.

Understanding the way refunds are processed is important so that you don’t get hit with unexpected fees or items you can’t return. The rest of this article will discuss the Boden refund policy and how it works.


What Is Boden Return Policy?

Boden will return items within 90 days of purchase or 14 days of purchase if the item is a sale item. If you return the item directly to the store, your return is complimentary. If you’re shipping it back by mail, a $7 fee will be deducted from your refund amount to reflect the cost of shipping.

How to Return a Boden Product?

Returning a product is simple. To do so, complete the form that came with your order and put it back in the original packaging that came with your item. You can do this online by visiting the Returns Hub and selecting your return methods.

You can also use the returns label in your order by dropping your package off in the mail. If you go with the mailing route, you’ll need to wait up to 28 days for your refund to reach Boden.

How Strict Is the Boden Return Policy?

The Boden return policy can be fairly strict given that you are obligated to pay the shipping fee for mailing if your order doesn’t come with a free return offer.

With that being said, you have up to 90 days to return non-sale items, so you have plenty of time to decide that the item doesn’t work for you. It’s still a good reminder to figure out whether you’re going to use the item in that 3-month window!

Boden Exchange Policy

Boden does not facilitate exchanges, but you are certainly free to get a refund and spend that money on whatever item you want to buy instead. As of right now, Boden doesn’t offer any way for you to exchange through their website, so you’ll need to wait until the refund is completed to order a new product.

Boden Refund Policy

Boden’s refund policy is pretty straightforward. You’ll get a returns label that comes with your package. Make sure you keep the original packaging and this return label for 90 days, just in case.

Otherwise, you’ll need to print an order copy from your online account or attach a note with your name, address, phone number, order number, item code, and reason for a return.

Does Boden Accept Returns after 30 Days?

Boden accepts returns after 30 days for non-sale items. Items on sale must be returned within 14 days of purchase.

What Items Cannot Be Returned to Boden?

Certain items cannot be returned to Boden, including swimwear with the hygiene strips removed, earrings with the packing seal broken, and face coverings if the package is open.

Does Boden Have Free Returns?

Boden does not have free returns on some items, so it’s important to check whether your item comes with a free returns label. If it does, then you can return the item for free.

Who Pays the Return Shipping Charge?

For some items, you’ll be obligated to pay a flat $7 fee for shipping. On others, your return shipping may be free. In cases where the delivered item was damaged or faulty, Boden will usually provide you with a free shipping label to complete the return. In addition, you can return damaged or faulty items up to 1 year after purchase.

How Long Do Boden Refunds Take?

Boden refunds can take up to a month to process due to the shipping time and the time it takes to process your refund.

What Is Boden Return Policy without a Receipt?

Because Boden operates primarily online, you don’t need a receipt to complete your refund. You will, however, want to keep your return label or print a new one so that you can return the order.

Can I Return Boden Product after Use?

You cannot return Boden products after they have been used in some cases. Some items like swimwear, earrings, and face coverings cannot be returned once the packaging has been opened due to hygiene reasons.

Other items can potentially be returned after being used, but if there is any sign of tampering or damage, Boden might not issue you a refund.

Can You Return Clearance Items to Boden?

In most cases, you can’t return clearance items to Boden unless they are faulty or damaged. Anything marked Final Sale is unfortunately not eligible for returns, since the price is generally much lower than normal.

Final Thoughts

The Boden return policy is fairly simple to understand, and thankfully, Boden provides you with a convenient label so that you can return your unused items within 90 days with no problems. Just make sure that you’re aware on-sale items must be returned within 14 days; otherwise, you won’t be able to process a refund for your purchased item with Boden.

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