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Bluehost is a web hosting company, headquartered in Utah US. The company was founded by Matt Heaton in 2003.

Bluehost offers services such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated We have compared the top hosting companies’ features here. Read on to read the Full Bluehost Refund Guide.

This is how the top hosting companies are doing in the market and what their customers say about them.

Bluehost vs. Godaddy

More user friendly than GodaddyNot user friendly
Bluehost runs its servers on AMDGoDaddy’s servers run on Intel Core i7 processors
Best customer supportCustomer support not good
30 Days money back guarantee45 days money back guarantee

Bluehost vs. HostGator

Less user friendly than HostgatorMore user-friendly
Provides domain name for 1 year, after which it is renewed when you renew your web hosting planProvides domain name for 1 year, after which it is renewed at regular price
WordPress installations are difficult to do taskEasy installation of wordpress
30 Days money back guarantee45 days money back guarantee on hosting plans

Bluehost vs. Siteground

Starting price $8.99Starting price $11.95
Limited hosting featuresProvides a lot of hosting features
Speed is not goodExcellent speed
Customer support is not greatKnown for its great customer support

Did you try purchasing a web domain/hosting from Bluehost? But you are not satisfied with the service and you are trying to look for an article where you can find all the information collated.

You are at the right place. We are here to help you to understand the Bluehost Refund Policy.

Bluehost Guide

How to return Bluehost items

The period for return – 30 days

As per the Bluehost refund policy, you can cancel your account within 30 days from purchase. You can cancel the plan within 30 days.

Bluehost will charge you $15.99 if you cancel subscription

How to Cancel your subscription?

Bluehost allows you to cancel your subscription within 30 days of purchase, after 30 days of purchase you will not be given any refund.

To cancel your hosting account, you need to contact the customer care at 888-401-4678.

Canceling your hosting account at the end of current term

If you wish to continue your current account and cancel it only after the end of the current term, you need to follow the given below steps:

  1. Firstly, log in to your Bluehost control panel.
  2. Click on the account tab.
  3. Click the renew sub-tab.
  4. Click on do not renew button and proceed.


  1. Sign in to the Bluehost control panel.
  2. Click on account icon, followed by a click on products icon.
  3. Look for renew button and click it.
  4. Next, you need to click on Do not renew.
  5. Give a reason for suspending the account.
  6. You will get your refund to the original mode of payment.

Bluehost auto renew refund

Bluehost refund policy

Email them before the expiration of the subscription period and don’t use their services after it.

They’ll refund your auto renew charges if you haven’t done any activity on their account.

Refunds are generally directed to the original mode of payment by Bluehost; Bluehost usually processes all the amounts to the original form of payment next business day.

It can take up to 10 business days for the refund to show in your account.

Type of paymentThe Number of days you will get a refund in:Refund and Credit Policy
Credit card/debit card    1-10 daysBluehost will issue a refund in the form of the original payment; if you use a credit card, you will get a refund in your credit card.
PayPal24 hoursPayPal account
Check2-3 weeksCheck

Bluehost 30 day money back guarantee

Bluehost requires you to cancel the subscription within 30 days to get a full refund. Please note that Bluehost does not offer any refunds for cancellations that occur after 30 days.

Products and purchasesProduct ConditionReturn Policy
Returns for All kind of domainsNAReturn within 30 days


Bluehost FAQs

What is Bluehost’s Customer Service Number?
You can call the Customer Service department at 866-436-3393.

What is the period of the refund?
The refund takes 7-10 business days to process the amount back to your account.

What if I do not get a refund within 10 days?
If it has been more than 10 business days and you still have not received your refund, you need to contact your financial institution as they may have the funds on hold for you.

In the End

Do you know that Bluehost is one of the 20 largest web hosts, collectively hosting well over 2 million domains?

You have an ample number of companies to purchase your domains or internet space. But as the number of hosting providers increased, it’s getting quite confusing to choose the best one.

Do your research before deciding on one as the field on which you’d be building your empire should be firm and rigid!

We’ve been using Siteground for all of our online ventures, and I must say it stands out loud in the herd of all the hosting companies.

Other guides to follow – PayPal Return Shipping, Shopify, and Staples Return Policy.

If you still have any confusions about Bluehost Refund Policy, mention them below.

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