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Big Lots, the commercial giant of the discount goods stores, is growing exponentially. With stores in 48 out of 50 states in the United States of America, this chain provides clear instructions on how to return its products. The clarity of the return policy held by Big Lots shows a commitment of Big Lots to supply you with the best quality products at the lowest possible rate. 

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What is the Big Lots Return Policy?

The return policy at Big Lots stipulates that you have 30 days to return a product and you must have the receipt. Products can only be exchanged or submitted for a refund. Products must be in good or original condition upon return. The Big Lots website has specific Return Policy FAQs. 

Feel free to check the website or call the company for any return, exchange, or refund questions. 

Return timeline30 days
Return methodIn-store or mail
Exchange period30 days
Exchange methodIn-store
Refund policyWithin 14 business days
Refund methodOriginal form of payment

How To Return Big Lots Items 

With regards to returns, Big Lots allows returns of both online and in-store purchases. 

Online Returns

To return an item that has been purchased online through the Big Lots website there are a few steps that you must take. 

First, you must log in to the same account that you purchased the item from. Be sure it is the same account otherwise you will not see the item in your Order History.

After logging in, go to your Order History. There will be a tab for Order History toward the top of the webpage. 

Once in your Order History, look for the item that you would like to return. You can search through your returns manually, or attempt to use the search bar.

Upon finding the desired item in your Order History, click on the item to access the details of the purchase. 

Fill out the return slip for the desired purchase. Be sure to fill out every section on the form with the appropriate information. A failure to do so may slow or reject your return process. 

This next step is one of the most important steps. 

Next, be sure to pack the item safely! You, as the purchaser, are responsible for the safety of the product. If it is fragile, maybe place additional supports around the item.

Finally, once the item has been properly packaged, secure the return slip to the package where it will be visible for Big Lots employees. 

Any shipping costs that you incur will not be refunded. 

In-Store Returns

For returning an in-store purchase, OR if you don’t want to mail the online purchase back to the company, follow the steps below.

Take the product to the nearest retailer. This can be searched by using the location look-up on the website or a quick Google search. 

Go to a cash register or the customer service desk. If you are not sure where either of these are located in the nearest facility, ask a staff member and they will direct you where to go. 

Upon reaching the cashier’s location or the customer service desk, show proof of purchase, through a receipt, and disclose that you would like to return your item. Also disclose if you are looking for a refund or an exchange of the product. 

Can You Return an Online Purchase to The Store

Yes! You may return an online purchase to the store. Please follow the instructions listed above for in-store returns. 

The return must still be made at least by the date listed on the return or packing slip, if not before. Like other returns it must be in original condition. 

How Strict Is the Big Lots Return Policy

The Big Lots return policy is strict in its requirements or a receipt and the condition of the returned product. A 20% processing fee can be charged and the refund will only go toward the original payment method or as a gift card. 

Big Lots Refund Policy

In order to receive an exchange on the item that you have purchased at a Big Lots retailer or online, the item must be brought into the store – no exceptions are allowed. 

The item will only be exchanged if an item of the same or lower price value is available. The price requirements are based on the original price of the purchased item. 

Big Lots Refund Policy

The Big Lots refund policy has some requirements as well. 

The returned item must be in good or original condition upon arrival. It must be returned within 30 days. You will be given a refund through the original payment method, or through a gift card to the retailer. If you paid in cash, you will receive a cash refund. If you paid by credit card, the same card will receive the refunded amount of money. 

For online orders brought back to the store, there may potentially be a 20% processing fee charged.

Does Big Lots Take Returns Without a Receipt?

No unfortunately Big Lots does not take returns without a receipt. All returns must have a receipt, whether that be a virtual copy through email or a physical hard-copy receipt from the store. Be sure to keep your receipt safe when you purchase the product! 

Does Big Lots Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Again, this answer will be now. Big Lots does not accept returns after the 30 day return period. Big Lots will not accept returns more than 30 days past the purchase of the item in question. 

What Items Cannot Be Returned to Big Lots?

Here is a list of items that cannot be returned to the retailer. Big Lots retains the rights to deny a return for additional reasons. 

  • Items more than 30 days past purchase
  • Items not in the original condition
  • Items with missing pieces
  • Items without instructions 


Does Big Lots Give Full Refunds?

Yes, Big Lots does give full refunds if the proper requirements are met. 

Can I Return a Big Lots Item After Use?

Yes, you may as long as it is in good condition and all of the packaging and instructions are intact.
If you purchased a video game or software, this can only be exchanged. No refund is given. 

How Long Do Big Lots Refunds Take?

The refund may take up to 5 business days to reach the proper account, particularly if the purchase was made through a credit or debit card. 

Final Thoughts

Big Lots is a great company for its return process. As long as you follow all of the proper instructions and maintain your composure upon returning your item, you will receive a proper refund or exchange. 

Shop Big Lots today!

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