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BevMo is the largest collector and seller of alcoholic beverages on the west coast of the U.S.A. With their stores located throughout Arizona, California, and Washington.

If you are a searcher for good times, then you must have heard of BevMo and most probably shopped from them, however for whatever the reason, if you didn’t like any of your purchases, you could return it to them.

We are covering BevMo Return Policy today in our article in easy to understand terms, so please take a look.

Full return guide

The BevMo return window is 7 days!

Yikes! That’s a small window, but come on we are talking about beverages here, it doesn’t take long to know if there is a mistake with your beverage order.

There are two ways you could return to BevMo, either by going to their brick and mortar store or by calling their customer service.

Below we are giving you a step by step process about how to return a BevMo product.

How to return a BevMo Purchase?

How to return BevMo beverages

Via Their Stores

  1. First, check if there is a BevMo store located near you, find their store near you using this link.
  2. Gather your BevMo purchase that you want to return along with the receipt and go to their store.
  3. Go to their Product Return Desk and contact their Customer Help Desk.
  4. Simply make your case and return your product, after which you will soon be refunded.

Via Customer Support

  1. Contact BevMo Customer Support Services, either by calling them at 1.877.77BEVMO or by emailing them at Their customer services are available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm PST.

Important Bits to Remember

You have only 7 days to make a case for a return/refund.

Do not lose your original receipt; without it, you cannot make a case for return.

BevMo Return Policy doesn’t make a case for return if you over-purchased (in CA), to know how much is an over-purchase check their drink calculator here.

In case you lost your receipt, submit your purchase date, store location, the purchase amount, and ClubBev! Account number or phone number used for purchasing here.

What all you could return?

ProductProduct ConditionReturn Policy
Alcohol BeveragesIf the product is contaminated, spoiled, or not consumable, it is eligible for a return. The product must not be an over-purchase.7 days return policy
Snacks and RefreshmentsIf the product is contaminated, spoiled, or not consumable, it is eligible for a return.7 days return policy
OthersIf the purchased item is broken, it is eligible for a return.7 days return policy

BevMo Refunds

BevMo refund policies

Any item you bought from BevMo is eligible for a refund if you bring the faulty item along with the original receipt.

You will be refunded in the original payment method used to buy the purchase.

Type of PaymentThe Number of Days you will receive your refund inRefund and Credit Policy
CashInstantYour refund will be returned to you on the Product Return Desk at any BevMo Store.
Credit/Debit Card3-5 business daysYour refund will be credited to your card’s bank account.

BevMo Covid-19 Updates

  • BevMo Stores are now opening 7 days a week, from 10 am to 8 pm. 7 pm on Sundays at select locations. Use this link to know about your nearest BevMo store hours.
  • Do not wait in the store! Use online shopping or BevMo app to make a purchase and then wait for their email to notify you that your order is ready to be picked up.
  • Check “Deliver it” and “Ship it” at their website to see if they deliver/ship in your area.
  • All staff members at their stores are given precaution measures such as hand sanitizers and masks and are also asked to keep washing their hands often.
  • Please stand 6 feet apart when you go to their store to pick up your order.
  • They have cancelled in-store tastings and any other events with a large gathering probability.

Have some questions in mind?

BevMo FAQs

Q1. What is the BevMo customer support number?
A1. The BevMo customer support number is 1.877.77BEVMO.

Q2. Can you return alcohol to BevMo, California?
A2. Returns are only allowed when a purchase is spoiled or not a fit for consumption, at BevMo California.

Q3. Can you return unopened alcohol in California?
A3. Yes, you can return it if you can make sure how your product is unfit for consumption or is spoilt.

Q4. Can you take kids into BevMo?
A4. If they are accompanied by their parents.


Did you know that BevMo’s original name was Beverages & More! In January 1994, when they first started their business, in 2001, they renamed themselves BevMo. Today they have around 150 stores across California, Arizona, and Washington.

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If you have any questions about BevMo Return Policy, ask our experts in the comment sections below.

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