Bershka Return Policy – 30 Days to return?

Bershka has a fairly flexible return policy. For clothing purchases, you’ll need to submit your return within 30 days of the date listed in your confirmation email or store receipt. They accept in-store returns and drop-off returns.

For hygienic reasons, some items are final sale, meaning you cannot return them. Additionally, you must return the goods to a store that has a department for them. For example, menswear must be returned to a Bershka location that carries menswear.


What Is Berskha’s Return Policy?

Most items from Bershka are returnable. In cases where certain items are not applicable, the cashier will let you know.

You must make your returns 30 days from the date of purchase. If you ordered online, you must return your items 30 days after the purchase was made, as outlined in your confirmation email, not 30 days after the items arrive.

There are two methods that will allow you to return your store bought goods. These methods are in-store and drop off.

How To Return A Bershka Item?


The Bershka in-store return method is the most straightforward, and the fastest. Bring your items into your nearest Bershka store, along with the receipt. When you bring your items in, make sure you’re returning them to a location that has the right department for them. Once you’re in the store, the staff will walk you through the return process.

If you purchased with a debit or credit card, be sure to have that same payment method with you if you wish for the return amount to be put back onto that card. Otherwise, you can also be issued store credit.


For an online order, return your item by requesting to do so through your account on Bershka’s website. From your account page, look for the section labeled ‘RETURNS’. If you are not a registered customer, locate this section using the link at the bottom of the page of your delivery confirmation email. You will receive an email with a return label.

Print out the return label. Place the items you wish to return in a shipping envelope along with the original receipt. Apply the return label securely to the front of the envelope or box.

Bring your package to a UPS drop-off location. You’ll be able to find the nearest return points on Bershka’s website. Additionally, you can arrange a pick-up through UPS, however there may be additional charges for this that Bershka will not compensate or waive.

There is a return fee of $5.95 per package. The total will be deducted from your refund.

Can You Return An Online Purchase To The Store?

Yes. Using the in-store return method, customers can bring their items to the nearest store and be issued a refund.

How Strict Is The Bershka Return Policy?

Bershka is known to have a fairly strict return policy. If you are outside of the return window, or your items have obvious signs of wear or damage, you will not be able to return them. Bershka does not make exceptions to this policy.

Bershka Exchange Policy

Items bought on cannot be exchanged. They are only eligible for a return. Items bought in stores can be exchanged for a different color or size only. Otherwise, they must be returned first.

Bershka Refund Policy

Bershka returns are eligible for a full refund, minus any applicable return costs. Refunds will be issued in the same manner that the original purchase was made in.

Does Bershka Take Returns Without A Receipt?

If you have an electronic ticket that you received with the shipment confirmation for an online order, you can show it to the staff member in the store using your mobile phone. You can also access receipts via the website or on the app.

What Items Cannot Be Returned To Bershka?

Bershka will not accept returns on all items purchased at the store. For example, you cannot return socks, tights, earrings, headbands, or other hair accessories – such as pins, elastics, or scrunchies. For hygiene reasons, your Bershka store will not accept these items, even if they’re unworn.

Usually, if you’re shopping in person, the clerk will let you know when certain items cannot be returned. When purchasing things that will touch your ears, feet, or hair, be sure that they fit and are exactly what you want.

Items returned to Bershka must be in perfect condition. They must still have all of their tags and have been unhandled.

ClothingMust have tags attached, with no stains, marks, or tears created by the wearer.
SwimwearMust have all hygienic liners and tags still attached.
AccessoriesAccessories (besides earrings, which cannot be returned) must be unhandled in their original packaging.
Fragrances and BeautyReturns of beauty items or fragrances will not be accepted if they are out of their original, sealed packages.

Exceptions (to return policy)

If you receive an item that is damaged, opened, or incorrect upon arrival, contact customer service to discuss the possibility of a refund.


Does Bershka Give Full Refunds?

Items returned in perfect condition within 30 days of purchase are eligible for a full refund.

Can I Return Bershka Products After Use?

For the most part, no. For clothing, it is advised that you try the item on right away to see if it fits you correctly. If you’re buying online, do not take the tag off until you are sure that you like the product. If you are still within the window of 30 days after the purchase date, return the item in the best possible condition. Bershka returns are more likely to be accepted if they’re in perfect condition.

How Long Do Bershka Refunds Take?

Upon your refund being approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email. The email will notify you of the amount that will be paid to your account. How long a return from Bershka will take to show on your account again depends heavily on your bank. Some banks will


Bershka has a strict return policy, but with a few exceptions, they will take almost any of their items back. Online orders can be returned to a Bershka store in person, or shoppers can use the drop-off method if there are no convenient store locations near them.

If you are unsure of anything regarding Bershka’s return policy, call their customer service line. Their staff will happily assist with any questions you may have.

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