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Belk is a very famous American department store chain that offers shoes, apparel, cosmetics, wedding registry, home furnishing and much more. Founded in 1888, it is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you are wondering What is Belk return policy without receipt? or What is Belk return policy without tags? or What is Belk return policy for online purchase? don’t worry, we’ll address all these queries one by one!

Belk returns: If you want to return something to Belk, the process is very easy and, in this article, we are covering Belk return policy in easy to understand terms.


Belk Return Policy

Belk return policy is generous, allowing customers a return window of 90 days. Customers will receive a full refund to their original method of payment providing they have their receipt or email confirmation. For returns after 90 days or orders without a receipt, Belk will offer you a gift card at the lowest sale price.

As you can see, this allows more than enough time to make your returns.

Return Period90 Days
Return MethodIn-store or By Mail
Exchange Period90 Days
Exchange MethodIn-store or By Mail
Refund PeriodWithin 15 Business days
Refund MethodMethod of Payment

How to return Products to Belk?

You can return Belk products in two ways, either by going to a local Belk store or by mail, here’s how for both the ways:

Belk Return Policy In Store

  1. Find a local Belk store near you
  2. Repackage your return item in the original packaging
  3. Bring along the product receipt
  4. Go to the store and ask for the desk attendant to help with your return

Belk Online Returns

  1. On the packing slip, indicate the appropriate reason for making the return beside the item description
  2. Securely package the slip, the item with appropriate packing materials
  3. Send the return to:

Belk Returns address (Center)
14840 Central Pike
Suite 100
Lebanon, TN 37090


  • Items bought from Belk store are not to be returned by mail.
  • If the store is closed to make a return, please wait for it to reopen and hold on to the item and receipt.
  • Furniture items can’t be returned by mail, call their customer support at 1-866-235-5443 for more help on this.
  • Use FedEx or USPS insured carriers to return an item.
  • Shipping and handling costs are only refunded when the arrived item is defective or Belk made a shipping/handling error.

Belk products and their return policy

ProductsProduct ConditionReturn Policy
All other productsProduct should be in original packaging with receipt or packing slip180 days return policy
Fine JewelleryProduct should be in original packaging with receipt or packing slip120 days return policy
Belk return policy on dresses or Special Occasion DressesProduct should be in original packaging with receipt or packing slip and all tags attached75 days return policy
Belk return policy on clothes, Swimwear, Intimate Apparel, Shoes, CosmeticsNon-returnable unless in original condition with all tags attached180 days return policy
Mattresses, Furniture and RugMust include the receipt or packing slip90 days return policy
What goes around comes around itemsN/AN/A


  • Any return without a receipt or packing slip or after 180 days of purchase, the refund you will get will be the lowest sale price offered in the last 60 days.
  • You’ll get that refund directly into your Belk Gift Card or Belk Rewards credit card.
  • Area Rugs (with one side 5ft or larger), Wall Art, Mirrors, Clocks or Picture Frames (30 inches or longer), Furniture, Christmas Trees (10ft or larger or out of the original box), and Mattresses cannot be returned to store. You will have to call at 1-866-235-5443 to get information for returns on these items.

Belk refund policy

Type of PaymentNumber of days you will get your refund inRefund and Credit policy
Cash15 days from the day Belk receives your returned itemRefund shall be credited to your bank account
Credit/Debit Card15 days from the day Belk receives your returned itemRefund shall be credited to your card’s account
Gift CardsN/AN/A

Apple Pay Returns

Items bought using Apple Pay can be returned to the fulfilment center or to any Belk store.

You will need your order confirmation email or the packing slip to make the return, it is so, so that the associate can scan the barcode to refund the order.

The barcode for the product is available on the packing slip that comes with your order, the order confirmation/ shipping notification email, and in your account under ‘My Orders’.

You’ll be refunded in the original mode of payment you used while making the purchase.

PayPal Returns

For a full refund you must have your order confirmation email or packing slip.

If you don’t have either of those two or you return after 180 days of purchase, you’ll get the refund equivalent to the lowest selling price they offered in last 2 months and that too in the form Belk Rewards card or on a Belk gift card.


What is the Belk customer service number?

Belk customer service number is 1-866-235-5443.

What is Belk credit card phone number?

Belk Credit card phone number is 1-800-669-6550.

Does Belk offer free returns?

If the arrived Belk item is defective or if there is a shipping/handling error from Belk, you get refund on shipping charges as well.

Can you return used make-up to Belk?

Presently, cosmetics is non-returnable unless it is unopened with all tags attached.

Can you return cologne to Belk?

Presently, cologne is non-returnable unless it is unopened with all tags attached.


Belk employs over 25,000 people! Belk’s annual revenue is $3.7 billion! Belk has nearly 300 stores in 16 states and the company sold itself to Sycamore Partners in 2015.

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We are happy to take your queries about Belk Return Policy in the comments section below.

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  1. Just received my order from Belk via FedX at about 20 after twelve today and my husband said that there was something making a broken glass sound in the box. Yes, it was my Mulberry Gusto Bowl that was just barely wrapped and set on top of my other order. It was broken into several pieces. This was to be a gift. what now??

  2. I think with the competition of Amazon, Walmart and other similar sites it would be s good idea to review the fact that I pay the shipping to return. If you review my account you will notice a marked dip in the last few years in spending with Belk’s. It is due directly to the ease with orders and returns that Amazon supplies.

    1. I would like a return label for items purchased in the wrong size for my husband. I want to reorder in the correct size.

  3. Elizabeth Gazaway

    I am VERY disappointed in Belk!!! My husband received some Gold Toe socks as a Christmas gift. There was not a receipt or a gift receipt. When I went to my local Belk store to return the socks (wrong size), I was told I would only be refunded $.18 for a $19. 3-pack of socks. Your return policy states: “Any return without a receipt or packing slip or after 180 days of purchase, the refund you will get will be the lowest sale price offered in the last 60 days.” You cannot tell me that these socks were ever on sale for 18 cents!!! Furthermore, your return policy needs to be re-worded. It was explained to me that the refund price is NOT the lowest sale price offered in the last 60 days, but is based on the lowest price the item was bought for. That price would include any coupons, any Belk Reward $$$, etc. that were used to buy the item. That is VERY different from the latest sale price, do you agree? I would appreciate a response to this issue.
    Thank you.

  4. Purchase Lancome water proof eyeliner was not able to use it long. The liner fell out and i wasn’t able to get my money worth. This seem to be a problem with this eyeliner. Took the pencil back and was denied an exchange .

  5. This will be my last online order from Belk. I should have learned from a previous order that I had to pay so much to return it to Belk, but it had been a while and I forgot.

  6. Christine Silengo

    This is ridiculous. Can’t print a return label. Can’t talk to anyone. They disconnected me when I called. Then I got a voice mail when I called back. Never will I order from this company again.

  7. I just got an order from Belk was very disappointed in it and now if I return it I have to pay. I have ordered several baby clothes from them but I will never order from them again.

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