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Audible is well known for selling digital audiobooks, TV and radio programs, and audio versions of newspapers and magazines.

What if you download a book, read the first few pages, and don’t like it at all? You would need a detailed procedure to return the book; here we have provided the whole procedure to return your Audible books.

Guidelines to return policy

The period for return – 365 days

Audible operates a very simple return policy for its customers, the basic time frame to return most of its products is 365 days.

According to the return policy of the company, if you’re not happy with the book, you can return the product in 365 days.

Try to make sure that the purchase in original condition, otherwise you may not be able to return the product.

Before returning your purchase, take service of the following things:

  • You need to be Audible member
  • You will be refunded through the same payment gateway way you bought it through; if you paid with a credit, you get a credit back.
  • You can return a book even if you’ve listened to it

How to Return?

How to return Audible items

Audible allows you to return its merchandise by visiting its website through the desktop or mobile. The company will accept your return with no questions asked

Return through Website

Here are some easy steps to go through, if one wants to return the merchandise by visiting the company website:

  1. Visit Audible website and sign in.
  1. Tap on account details
Account Details
  1. Next, you need to click on ‘purchase history’ option, where you will be able to see a list of all the audiobooks you’ve purchased and click the “Return Title” button next to the title you want to return
Your Account Page
Purchase History Page
  1. Lastly, you need to cite the reason for returning the book and thus title will be returned
Returning the book
  1. Your refund will be immediately processed to your original form of payment

How to exchange an Audible book?

Exchange procedure for Audible books is similar to the return procedure; you need to go through the following steps to return your Audible book:

  1. Visit the company’s website and click on purchase history.
  2. Tap on the exchange button next to the item you wish to return.


Audible refund policy

You will be refunded to the original form of payment. Members who purchased their title with credit will receive their credit back to their account immediately to use for their next Audible purchase.

Following are the refund gateways for different modes of payment:

Type of paymentThe Number of days you will get a refund in:Refund and Credit Policy
Credit card/debit card    7-10 business daysYou will get the refund in form of the original form of payment and shipping charges are onto you.
Cash7-10 business daysCash
Coupon7-10 business daysNew Coupon

If you purchased multiple books, then each transaction will be treated individual and refund will be credited within 7–10 business days.

Return Policy for different Audible items

Audible operates a very simplistic return policy for its customers; it requires you to return the items before 365 days to get a full refund.

Products and purchasesProduct ConditionReturn Policy
All type of booksNA365 days return policy

Questions on mind?

FAQs about Audible Return Policy

What is Audible Customer Service Number?
You can call Customer Service number contact 00 1 206-577-1377.

How can I return books, if I am not a member?
You can still return the book, even if you are not a member, you just need to have the original receipt.

What is the period of the refund?
Audible takes 7-10 business days to refund your amount to your account.


Do you know that Audible is owned by Amazon and the company acquired Audible in 2008?

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If you still have some doubts about Audible Return Policy, feel free to reach us in the comment section below!

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