How To Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership

Anytime Fitness is an American-operated franchise of 24-hour fitness clubs. The headquarters is in Woodbury, Minnesota. There are over 4,000 franchised locations across the continental United States, and all facilities are open 24/7 including holidays.

As each location is individually managed, each one will have different rules and policies regarding membership cancellation and will be outlined in their membership policies.

However, they’ve made their gym cancellation process more simple and streamlined. Because each location is individually owned, which leads to having their own individual rules and policies for cancellation, you will need to call or visit the specific location in order to cancel.

Anytime Fitness

How do you cancel an Anytime Fitness membership?

If you want to find out how to your cancel Anytime Fitness contract know that each location is individually owned, while still being franchised under Anytime Fitness. Each location will have their own rules and policies regarding membership and cancellation. You will need to bring a signed copy of the Anytime Fitness Membership letter. It will be given to you when you initially signed up for the membership.

You will need to call or visit your local Anytime Fitness location in order to request their policies and issue a cancellation. The fee for cancellation will be dependent on the cancellation policies of the individual Anytime Fitness location.

If you’re choosing to visit the location, simply locate the club’s manager or a staff member and inform them of your desire to cancel your membership. You may be questioned for your reasons, if any.

If you have a problem with your membership that doesn’t absolutely require cancellation, they will be more than happy to work with you and accommodate your reasonable needs.

You may be eligible for a rebate or free cancellation if you meet certain criteria, reasons being connected to health.


The steps to canceling your membership at a physical location are as follows:

  • Visit your local Anytime Fitness club
  • Find a manager or staff member and inform them of your desire to cancel
  • Sign the cancellation form, which will require your full name, home address, membership number, date of cancellation, and the address of the club you’re withdrawing from
  • Double check your form, then hand it in to the health club agent
  • Pay the cancellation fee to finish the procedure


While you can simply visit your location and cancel the membership there, if in-person just isn’t your style you can always cancel it online via their membership website.

  • Start the process by visiting their website at
  • Login with your username and password
  • Navigate to the subscription or membership section
  • Click the “cancel” button, and fill out the subsequent cancellation form. You will need your full name, address, cancellation date, membership number, and address of the club you’re withdrawing from
  • The website will begin a calculation process, which when completed will display your cancellation fees and charges.

Once payment has been made and your cancellation is confirmed, you will be sent a confirmation email through which you can track your cancellation process.

However, if you lost or never received this email, you can check on your cancellation by visiting the website and clicking “Membership Status” in the top left corner. Contacting them through will also work.

Through a call

If you’d rather avoid an in-person visit, and doing things digitally isn’t your style, you can always cancel your membership through a phone call.

  • Dial the customer support number. This is a toll-free call, so you will not be forced to cover any fees
  • Select your language
  • Choose to “cancel”
  • You will be connected with an agent who will request your information such as your full name, address, cancellation date, membership number, and address of the club you’re withdrawing from. You will also need your sign-up date
  • You may be required to give a reason for cancellation. If this is due to an injury or health concerns, you can receive either a partial or complete refund for the cancellation fee.

Graceful 7-day cooling-off period

After you’ve completed your cancellation process, filled out all the forms and submitted payment for the cancellation fee, Anytime Fitness offers a 7-day period where you can change your mind if you decide to stay.

Pause or transfer your membership

Life happens, and sometimes you’ll need to relocate or go out of town for an extended period. Surely, the last thing you want is to have to cancel your membership only to restart with the same establishment or another gym or fitness club.

Or even worse, pay for a gym membership that you’re not able to use during a vacation or whatever reason you find yourself leaving town for.

Thankfully, Anytime Fitness allows you to freeze your account and payments temporarily, or transfer them to another location if you’ve moved.

Because each location is independently owned they will all have their own policies regarding account freezing and transfer. You will need to visit or contact them directly with your questions and concerns.

There is no fee for account transfers, so there isn’t a policy regarding it. Though, you must be relocating at least 10 miles away from your previous residence.

A charge could potentially be made if you change your home gym.

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Final Thoughts

Anytime Fitness is a highly convenient health and fitness club. It’s open 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year. This makes it unbelievably convenient and easy to get your workout in.

However, due to life changes such as moving or losing employment, or things just not working out, you can cancel your Anytime Fitness membership whenever you want.

Though, fees will still be applied to your cancellation, at the discretion of the individual establishment.

Because Anytime Fitness have made things so easy and convenient for the consumers, both those who want to sign up, and those who wish to leave, it makes sense that they’re a popular franchise with over 4,000 locations across the continental United States.

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