Decoding Renewed on Amazon – Smart Bet to Make?

Amazon lets you buy and sell refurbished and unboxed products under its renewed program. Through Amazon Renewed, you can buy tested and certified products from third-party sellers on Amazon. Most of the products are listed with Warranty.


You must have heard a lot about refurbished and unboxed program and would have tried to buy one. Have you ever purchased a refurbished product? Have you ever thought of purchasing one instead of new? If no, are you worried about their quality and warranty?

Do not worry! We will answer all the questions popping in your head right now.

We also get a lot of queries such as – What does renewed mean on Amazon?

We will detail all the common questions with their answers in the article.

What does renewed mean on Amazon products?

Renewed items on Amazon

Amazon renewed is one of the famous programs of the company, where you can find and buy unboxed and refurbished products, which are not only good in quality terms but can also have been tested and certified by third-party sellers. These sellers are not only certified but they are also specialized people.

The unboxed products are new products only and customers return them due to their color, some fault in the product, and various other reasons. These products have been reworked by their sellers and show no signs of wear and tear and are almost as close to the new products.

You will get the products with all the required accessories and in original working condition. You will also get a 6-month warranty with these products, which is backed by the suppliers.

Difference between renewed and refurbished product

Renewed is already refurbished!

You can buy three different types of products on its platform.

  1. Refurbished: Refurbished products in most cases are used by the customers for a very short length of time. These products are sent by customers, as these products were not working properly. 
  2. Pre-owned: These products are used ones, but these are in much better condition, compared to refurbished products.
  3. Open-box: The packaging of these products is opened, but the customers do not use these, and you can get these on comparatively fewer prices. 

All the kind of devices explained above are inspected, tested and properly cleaned by the Amazon Renewed sellers before re-branding them to customers.

And with the program’s guarantee, you can rest assured that products purchased through Amazon Renewed will work like new, as they promise them to be.

Warranty for refurbished products on Amazon

When you will buy products on Amazon Renewed, they are accompanied by a warranty card and this card includes all the contact details of concerned authority to get in touch with if something has gone wrong with the product. If there is no warranty card, the brand will serve the warranty of the product.

Return policy on Refurbished products

Return policies for different refurbished product vary according to the brand; you can check the company’s return policy page to get more information.

Also, you can visit Amazon return policy page for more details. 

How will I know if a product being sold on Amazon is New or Refurbished?

Amazon Renewed products

Every product listed on Amazon Renewed will have the term Renewed imprinted on the product description.

You can also check out the company’s Amazon Renewed Store to see the availability of renewed products.

Is it worth buying refurbished?

I think it is worth buying refurbished products until you are getting your product along with the warranty slip. These products are not only affordable but sometimes exceed the original product’s lifetime and are worth every penny spent on the products.


We have covered most of the information related to “Renewed” on Amazon and now you would be able to understand different aspects of refurbished and open-box products on Amazon.

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We have covered most of the information about the Amazon’s renewed section.

If you have any other question similar to this one, you can submit your feedback or connect with us, we will try our best to include that in the next article.

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