Airbnb’s Refund & Cancellation Policy

Airbnb allows you to receive refunds on your booking if you experience travel issues or if the host fails to accommodate you. You can also receive a refund if the property is not as described on the website if the property is not cleaned.

Airbnb’s refund policy is extensive and you need to make sure you are reading the terms and conditions of your stay as it will outline exactly if you can receive a refund or not. In this article, we will go over common reasons why you might need to request a refund and how to do it.


What is Airbnb’s refund policy?

Airbnb allows you to receive refunds if you experience travel issues, if key amenities or features are missing, the accommodation is not clean, or not as described. There are some conditions you need to meet in order to make the claim for a refund.

Here is a table outlining conditions for making a claim and what is expected:

Travel IssuesThese include the host canceling your stay shortly before the booking, not giving you access to the accommodation, or not giving you the right keys
Problems with the propertyThese can include misinformation about the property such as there are fewer rooms than listed, fewer bathrooms, or no appliances in the kitchen
Location of the propertyThe property is not in the location that was listed
CleanlinessThe property is not clean or does not have new bedding or clean towels
Safety hazardsThe property has obvious safety problems that can be dangerous when staying
Pets and bugsThe property has a pet that was not listed or there are bugs or insects in the house
Special AmenitiesThe special amenities are not in the property or they do not function correctly.

How To Request a Refund from Airbnb?

Anytime you want a refund from Airbnb, you have to notify them in a timely manner. Here are some more details below.

Terms for Asking for a Refund

If you want a refund, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • You must be the guest that booked the accommodation
  • You cannot have directly or indirectly caused the issue by actions or by negligence
  • You have to vacate the accommodation

Keep in mind that staying in the accommodation might mean you only get a partial refund.

Steps for Making a Refund

You need to make sure you report the issue in writing or by calling within 24 hours of finding the issue. You also need to provide more information like photographs, videos, or other tangible evidence so that Airbnb can see it.

You also need to make sure you are ready to respond to requests from the Airbnb team since they might need more information or they might ask for more information.

How strict is the Airbnb refund policy?

The strictness of the policy pends on the evidence you provide or the time you request the refund.

If you request a refund up to 24 hours after check-in, Airbnb will either give you a full refund of the money you have paid or they will make a reasonable effort to find another place for you to book any unused nights you have. They will also need to find you a place that is close in size and location to the previous place you booked.

If it has been more than 24 hours since you checked in, the rules are about the sane. Airbnb might reimburse you the total fees of your travel issues or they will help you find another place to stay for all the nights you have left in your stay.

If Airbnb does not decide to give you a refund or they only give you a partial refund, you might want to take up the problems with the host. You can also report the problem to Airbnb and write a review on the person’s profile saying that their property is not the same as advertised.

Airbnb Refund Policy

If you follow all the steps above and vacate the accommodation, you will be able to receive a full refund for the price you paid for the property.

Airbnb Cancellation Policy

Airbnb has a variety of cancellation rules, which vary depending on the conditions and compensation. The Airbnb host will select this policy when listing their accommodation which guests will need to abide by.

Greater flexibility for the guests typically results in more bookings

Below you will find an overview of the cancellation options:

Cancellation OptionsCancellation Policy
FlexibleRefund allowed up to 24 hours prior to check-in
ModerateRefund allowed up to 5 days prior to check-in
StrictFull refund up to 14 days prior check-in
Super Strict 30 Days50% refund up until 30 days prior to check-in.
Super Strict 60 Days 50% refund up until 60 days prior to check-in.
Long TermFirst month is non-refundable, 30-day notice for cancellation

Does Airbnb provide refunds without proof?

If you have a travel issue, Airbnb needs full documentation of the problem whether it be writing, photos, or other tangible evidence. If you cannot provide proof, you will not be able to get a refund.

How long do Airbnb refunds take?

Once Airbnb has received your request and paperwork, they will investigate the issue and see what the problem was. If they decide there is enough evidence and you did not stay on the property, they will begin to process your request and issue a refund. It usually takes 7 to 10 business days.

Can I get a refund after staying at an Airbnb?

If you stayed at an Airbnb and you did not report any issues either before or during your stay, you are not eligible for refunds even if you have proof of the problem. If you report the problem and decide to stay on the property, you will only be able to have a partial refund rather than receiving the full amount.

Does Airbnb give full refunds?

In some cases, Airbnb will give you a full refund, but it depends on the circumstances and when you report the problem. It also depends on if you can provide sufficient evidence that the problem exists and that it affected your stay somehow.


How do I get my money back from Airbnb?

The starting point for all refund requests is to discuss any areas of dissatisfaction with your host. If this fails, guests can lodge a refund request via the Airbnb resolution center.

What qualifies for a refund from Airbnb?

Airbnb will provide refunds where a stay is not as described or where critical features or amenities are missing.

How long does it take for Airbnb to refund you your money?

The typical timeframe to receive a refund from Airbnb is 10-15 business days


Airbnb is willing to give a full refund in most cases if the host of the property has caused you travel issues someway or if the property was not how it was supposed to be according to the description on the website.

You always need to contact the Airbnb as soon as you know there is a problem with the property. The sooner you contact them the better because they will know the issue is serious and that you intend to get your money back. 

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