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While buying your favourite clothes either online or through stores, we are always in several dilemmas. It’s scary to imagine that our hard-earned money has gone in the drain if products aren’t that good. Well, if you have purchased from Abercrombie you don’t need to worry because the Abercrombie return policy is quite relaxed.


Abercrombie is one of the most renowned and trustworthy brands you can find in the clothing business. And as far as Abercrombie return policy, it is crisp and short and without any unreasonable hassle. Abercrombie trusts its customers in the true sense and is there to offer their best as much as they can. The aim is to always please the customers and never let them go disappointed. So, now let’s have a look at the Abercrombie return policy once.

How to return the products you have purchased from Abercrombie?

Any customer who is not satisfied with the products they have purchased is welcomed to initiate a return or an exchange if they fulfill these basic requirements. Now, let’s have a look at the return policy of Abercrombie.

  • If you have ordered multiple products which have come up in multiple shipments, the last shipment date will be considered for all the returns and exchange. 
  • All the returns must be done within 60 days of shipment dates.
  • If you have crossed the 60 days return period, the merchandise will issue the amount of your refund as a credit amount which will be based on the original amount of payment. The online returns will be provided with an e-gift card of the original price which will be sent to the email attached with your order.
  • If the quality of the product was not what was promised or it was delivered defected at your place, you can raise your concerns either at the merchandise website or you can contact the merchandise at 0800-297597 or +1-925-359-2579.
  • If you wish to return your product through an online medium, you can click on the “start my return” page which will ask for your order number and email address which will redirect you to the main grievance page to initiate your return. While the shipping cost will be borne by you.
  • When you wish to send your return, you can send it to the address mentioned below: – Abercrombie & fitch return department, 200 Abercrombie way, New Albany, OH 43054 USA
  • Once your return is processed by the merchandise you will receive a confirmation email concerning your return.

Abercrombie Refund Policy 

The refund policy of Abercrombie is as simple as it could get. You just have to keep these basic things in mind. Here, they are: –

Payment modeTime is taken for the refundMode of refund
POLi, AstroPay, SafetyPay, Qiwi, Yandex, WebmoneyWithin 72 business hours To the source of payment
Within 60 days of the limitation periodTo the source of payment after the return is accepted
After 60 days of the limitation periodTo be credit through merchandise credit

Different Return Conditions on the Abercrombie Products

The return policy of Abercrombie is also basic and generic. These are the basics you must know before initiating the request. 

Products and purchasesProduct condition Return policy
All the products returned to the storeMust be in original packaging and must be in resalable conditionReturn must be done within 60 days from the shipment date
All the product returned through the company’s return and exchange process onlineMust be in original packaging and must be in resalable conditionReturn must be requested within 60 days from the shipment date
All the product returned outside the company’s return and exchange process onlineMust be in original packaging and must be in resalable conditionReturns must be reached to the Abercrombie & fitch return department within 60 days from the shipment date

Also, keep in mind: –

  • The returns must be in original packaging or in individual packaging as well (if any) to process the return, else it won’t be accepted.
  • Orders billed on the merchandise site must be billed in USD to be accepted for returned or exchanged in US stores.
  • If you have placed an order outside the continent of the USA and you wish to raise a return or exchange, you are to bear the courier facility and shipment charges.

Abercrombie Exchange policy

Exchange policies of Abercrombie are hassle-free and elementary. Let’s have a close look at it once.

Products and purchasesProduct conditionExchange policy
Any product purchased with a credit card, gift card, or e-gift cardMust be in original packaging and with the original invoice and must be in resalable condition with full name, size and colors mentioned clearlyCan be exchanged 
Any product brought with any other payment modeCannot be exchanged and a refund will be initiated 
Any product purchased through POLi, AstroPay, SafetyPay, Qiwi, Yandex, WebmoneyCannot be exchanged but returned

Also, keep in mind: –

  • The only online products will not be available in the stores. The merchandise asked for exchange is subjected to availability.
  • Online invoice issued must be attached with the original packaging to initiate the exchange, without that exchange would not be entertained.
  • There might be a change in the prices when issued an exchange which might require the company to levy extra charges over the credit card is used. If the gift card was used, a new merchandise credit will be issued back on the gift card.

FAQ’s About Abercrombie Return Policy

Q.1- Does Abercrombie entertains any exchange?
Yes, Abercrombie entertains exchange. 

Q.2- Does Abercrombie cover shipment costs?
No, you have to bear all the shipment costs of your refund and exchange

Q.3- Will Abercrombie arrange courier service for returns or exchanges outside the United States?
No, Abercrombie will not arrange courier service for returns or exchange outside the United States

Q.4- what will happen if I have elapsed the limitation period of the merchandise?
If I have elapsed the limitation period of the merchandise, you will receive a merchandise credit to use on further purchase of the original price of the product returned.


Abercrombie return policy, as seen above is pretty relaxed and user-friendly. The only basics you must bear in mind is that you don’t throw away the original packaging, invoice, or bills as soon as you receive your shipment as you never know what changes your mind. It can be the colour of the dress or can also be the way you look in that dress. Be sure that you don’t miss the deadline for the date of return or exchange if you are looking for a refund. Abercrombie is a reliable brand and always there to help if you know the policies right. 

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